Turnkey Vision AI Aggregated Solutions

Accelerate Breakthroughs in Computer Vision
using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Businesses have turned to Artificial intelligence (AI) to solve their customer’s greatest challenges. Leveraging the world’s leading technology, TD SYNNEX Vision AI Aggregated solutions bring computer vision and AI together to improve operational efficiencies, performance, and safety across various verticals.

The power of using Vision AI is to gain deeper insights into operational workflows while enhancing customer experiences, reducing operational costs, and utilizing sensor infrastructure to its maximum potential. Accelerate intelligent outcomes with AI that will decrease customers’ time to market, reduce downtime, and promote scale, all while increasing your revenue streams.

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TD SYNNEX Aggregated Solution - Vision AI

Download our brief on our TD SYNNEX Vision AI Aggregated Solution with NVIDIA and AxxonSoft. A fully-validated solution ready to deploy by channel partners in their customers smart spaces.

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Enabling a Fully Integrated, Plug-and-Play Video Surveillance Platform - End User: Glacier Peaks

Located just minutes from Glacier National Park in Browning, Montana, Glacier Peaks is a hotel, casino, and dining destination proudly owned and operated by the indigenous Blackfeet Nation, one of the ten largest tribes in the United States.

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Industry Solutions
TD SYNNEX’s Vision AI solutions provide a platform of pre-validated solutions that solve common needs for customers that are deploying across smart spaces including manufacturing, transportation, retail, and public spaces.


Artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to existing sensor infrastructure to help manufacturers reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency, centralize monitoring controls, and perform predictive maintenance. Vision AI solutions enables video analytics applications for industrial spaces, such as access control to promote worker safety, anomaly detection for better quality output, and production analytics for yield optimization and equipment predictive maintenance.


With millions of video cameras and IoT sensors deployed throughout the world’s roadways, parking lots, curbsides, and intersections, vision AI is transforming the transportation industry. By enabling Vision AI, our solution helps drivers and pedestrians travel more safely and efficiently while improving their overall experience. Specifically, applying AI-enabled video analytics to existing video camera networks can immediately solve complex operational problems and safeguard our cities and regions. Our solution can quickly identify potential threats, while also helping with operational efficiencies such as smart lighting and parking management. TD SYNNEX’s line card in AI solutions offers partners opportunities to help detect, prevent, protect, & secure their customers before an incident even occurs.

Smart Spaces: Stadiums and Campuses

Vision AI has proven to increase safety and improve efficiencies within high traffic shared spaces such as stadiums and campuses. Many activities across stadiums and campuses can be automated with AI-enabled video analytics including public safety for traffic and pedestrian congestion, perimeter protection, and optimizing parking operations with spot counting applications. TD SYNNEX aggregated solutions enable simple, flexible, and easy deployments for shared spaces to automate their infrastructure and scale operations.


From mobile and digital sales to in-store enhancements, being able to provide shoppers with a seamless and immersive experience tailored to their personal needs is a competitive advantage. Our solution uses video analytics and AI to optimize retail processes by collecting relevant visual data from consumers and associates within a retail store, warehouse, or distribution center. Our solution empowers retailers to quickly identify inefficiencies to optimize store operations and deliver an outstanding customer experience. TD SYNNEX aggregated solutions for retail offer applications catered to customer purchasing behavior, service improvements, performance insights, facility operation optimization, consumer traffic and safety analysis, physical and digital engagement, and more.


With terminals, runways, and airport facilities serving millions of travelers a year, airports must accurately identify and manage incidents as efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions to travelers and airport operations. AI enabled video analytics helps improve situational awareness, increase operational efficiencies, and enhances airport security while optimizing the traveler experience. Measures to enable public safety while streamlining operations to promote services such as effective turnaround management, airport traffic control, monitoring traveler control, parking and curbside service, and self–service contactless check outs within airport retail spaces.