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Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT) & Data Solutions Resource Center. Please enjoy exploring videos, webinars, podcasts, presentations and additional content designed to educate, inform and support our partners, customers and those seeking relevant IoT and Data information.


Tech Data IoT and Data Solution Catalog
COVID-19 Response Solution Catalog


Accelerate Business Growth with Tech Data | Delivering Value to Customers Through Outcomes

IoT in Healthcare | Helping to Cope With COVID-19
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions support healthcare challenges in today’s world.

IoT in Healthcare | Overcoming Patient Care Challenges
Patient Care Solutions enables a streamlined experience and helps prevent readmissions with predictive analytics.

IoT in Healthcare | Implementing Automation to Overcome Healthcare Billing Challenges
Robotic Process Automation eliminates data errors, increases efficiency and delivers 100% accuracy.

Industrial IoT for Manufacturing | Preparing Today to Overcome Challenges Tomorrow
Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment eliminates downtime and maintains operations during unforeseen circumstances.

Industrial IoT for Utilities | Preparing Today to Overcome Challenges Tomorrow
Utilities monitoring solutions for water systems, electrical substations and wind farms is essential to preventing downtime and avoiding service disruptions.

Industrial IoT for Transportation & Logistics | Preparing Today to Overcome Challenges Tomorrow
Supply chain solutions track movement, cargo security and integrity, fleet health, and much more.

IoT & Smart Cities | Urban Opportunities | Presented by Colin Blair (Password - 1M8V3!=f)
Colin Blair, Vice President of IoT and Data Solutions at Tech Data, discusses opportunities within IoT and smart cities.

IoT in Action | Developing a Smart Cities Blue Print with Azure IoT


IoT Virtual Symposium | 2020 | Accelerating Business Outcomes for the Future of Technology

Videos, Brainshark, Podcasts

The Best IoT Opportunities for MSP’s Right Now with IoT Playbook’s Mark Smith and Tech Data’s Colin Blair

The Rise of the Smart Factory: How IoT is Reshaping Manufacturing
From artificial intelligence to predictive maintenance to collaborative robotics, or co-bots, IoT solutions are having an enormous impact in manufacturing. In this episode, IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Eric Thompson, senior consultant in the IoT specialized solution practice at Tech Data Corporation. Eric shares insights on what constitutes a smart factory, looking at automation and intelligence ranging from temperature sensors on machinery to M2M protocols to digital twin technology. He describes how smart factories are tapping into automation, learning how to merge the data silos of OT and IT, and re-imagining workforce safety and operations in a world changed by this pandemic.

On the Clock | Episode 5 With Mark Shaffer, Smart Cities IoT Consultant
Learn about how smart cities are weaving together IoT, cloud computing, big data and analytics, and other edge technologies to transform how communities engage, communicate, and thrive.

IoT Consultant John Maresca Discusses Thermal Mapping Technology Supporting Businesses Returning to Work

Senior IoT Manager Tom Digsby Shares How Tech Data as a Solution Aggregator Helps Partners With Edge Computing

Telehealth by Anthony Cina, Healthcare Solution Architect