Safer, Stronger, Smarter Cities

Develop a Strategy for your Connected City

Becoming a smart city is a challenge for cities and municipalities alike, especially for those struggling with limited resources. Public sector priorities are forcing cities to reimagine their infrastructures due to economic constraints, environmental sustainability, and digital demands. Leverage Tech Data’s insight of public and private partnerships and the applied research for developing new business and procurement models within smart cities to your advantage.
Smart Cities Solutions

Public Safety & Surveillance

The inability to integrate data in the public sector prevents state, local, and educational organizations from capturing the analytics necessary to have an impact on situational awareness, response time, and security.

Connected Transit

Improving safety and efficiency as citizens travel through cities is a growing smart city initiative. However, it encompasses more than just putting autonomous vehicles on the road or providing Wi-Fi in mass transits. Analytics and IoT help enable automated vehicle maintenance and vehicle route optimization. Connecting the dots among vehicle data, traffic intersections, road conditions, parking options, and weather conditions not only makes a city smarter, but also safer for its citizens.

Education Services

From a generational standpoint, Millennials (born 1981-1996) are considered tech savvy, while Gen Z (born 1997-present) are considered to be tech native. Being tech native means being born in the era of smartphones, where using multiple digital devices is the “norm.” This generational characteristic is prodding federal, state, local, and especially educational organizations to take a hard look at digital solutions that are interactive and integrated for real-time collaboration onsite or remotely.

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