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As the rate of demand-driven supply chains continues to accelerate, the need for agile production increases. Seamless operations and transparency of infrastructure are paramount for manufacturing organizations to be prosperous. Unforeseen equipment failure or maintenance costs, as well as the lack of data integration due to disparate systems, is detrimental to operational efficiency. IoT solutions like centralized monitoring, predictive maintenance, and connected logistics helps combat these challenges. Combining the power of data with process automation, IoT solutions help advance the manufacturing industry into the next industrial revolution.
Industrial Solutions


Unforeseen manufacturing equipment failure, high maintenance costs, and a lack of data integration due to disparate systems are all detrimental to operational efficiency. Analytics and IoT solutions that offer centralized monitoring, predictive maintenance, and connected logistics help combat these challenges.

Energy Monitoring & Management

Reducing carbon footprint is at the forefront of green initiatives. An effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to monitor and manage energy consumption. Leveraging analytics and IoT solutions is imperative for becoming smarter about energy consumption, but more importantly, in helping to preserve the future state of the world.

Transportation & Logistics

With next-day delivery becoming the new norm in customer service, companies are under a lot of pressure to meet demands in order to remain competitive. Mapping out the safest and most efficient routes is challenging when dealing with unpredictable weather, growing congestion, and failing infrastructure impacting road conditions. Being able to pinpoint assets en route at any time or place accurately is critical, and having the visibility to ensure cargo and driver safety elevates your business.

Industrial IDC iView

COVID-19 has forced significant changes in the industrial space. IDC analysts provide their insight and findings in this market overview to help you prepare for the future.

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