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Improving Patient Experiences While Protecting Patient Data

Analytics is ideal for helping to solve challenges such as securing HIPAA data, managing unstructured data in cloud workloads, and analyzing information captured by IoT medical devices. Data is at the core of many opportunities, from improving patient engagement to connecting patient data with new precision health platforms. This allows for a more coordinated, patient-centered care across health organizations. Here are some data and analytics use cases to consider in healthcare.
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Remote health and wellness monitoring are transforming healthcare through the power of mobile cloud computing and the Internet of Things. By leveraging the medical data collected from medical devices, sensors, implant devices, and wearables, a patient’s well-being can be monitored in real-time between the home, hospital, and beyond. This real-time monitoring advances treatment and outcomes that better improve patient health and lower readmission rates.

Multi-Clinic Consolidation

Collaboration across hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices can be mission critical. Being able to interconnect all of those branches as well as the systems within so that they can easily exchange data and communicate throughout their organizations helps ensure a seamless customer experience.

Compliance Requirements

HIPAA policy, including the threat of data breaches, may always be at the forefront of compliance concerns for the healthcare industry. However, there is an increasing number of technological advancements playing a role in disrupting healthcare delivery and access that garner attention, too. Often, solutions stem from the need to meet compliance. The analytics and IoT solutions in our Solution Catalog are no exception.

Patient Experience

Health organizations are more responsive to solutions that can effectively improve patient experience and satisfaction. Healthcare providers are motivated to invest in solutions that help elevate a patient’s journey while also optimizing operational and staff efficiency, including lowering costs. Misplaced medical equipment and location challenges are detrimental to providing suitable and timely care. Empowering patients, staff, and health facilities with smarter solutions ultimately improves a patient’s experience.

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