IoT made simple.

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smart services enablement to deliver intelligent solutions

Smart IoT Solutions by Tech Data was created to help our customers and vendors make IoT simple so they can seize the Internet of Things opportunity much faster.

What happens when TECH and DATA converge?

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Smart Manufacturing

Tech Data’s Solutions Architects are here to offer design consultation and solution support to help our partners work through the challenges of the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology. As decision makers, influencers, and budget allocations shift, we’ll align with you and your customers to deliver comprehensive solutions that connect the plant floor to the business, utilizing smart data, and providing enhanced outcomes. Our SMART Services Enablement Framework will give you the skills and support to be successful in the industrial market.

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The extruder is operating at abnormally high temperatures.

Smart Transportation & Logistics

Tech Data has leveraged its unique expertise as a leader in logistics to offer validated smart solutions to drive new revenue opportunities for partners who sell into transportation and logistics. Our outcome-based solutions in this space will allow you to drive new areas of conversation and business models with your customers. Our team of specialists will provide enablement and support through our SMART Services Enablement Framework, working along-side you to provide full life-cycle services.

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Cargo vibration within normal range. Assets tracking to arrive at 4pm.

Smart Retail

Tech Data has relationships with over 2,000 retailers across the globe. Leverage these connections to offer new expansive solutions that drive digital transformation and new business outcomes, like omni-channel marketing solutions and automated inventory management. Tech Data’s validated retail solutions and partner enablement support will help you grow revenue and offer expanded services through the SMART Services Enablement Framework.

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Smart Spaces

The connected world is a concept that can be a too broad to recognize the true potential for hardware and services revenue, which is why Tech Data is focusing on Smart Space solutions that are relevant for your customers today. Our solutions specialists will help you create the perfect outcome-based solutions for your customers to drive energy optimization and enhanced security, increasing your services and life-cycle practice growth. The Tech Data SMART Services Enablement Framework will allow you to easily create, manage, and support digital services throughout yourFe customer’s deployment.

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You have a new voicemail. Forwarding it to your cell phone as a text message.

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