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Transportation & Logistics

With next day delivery becoming the new norm in customer service, companies are under a lot of pressure to meet demands in order to remain competitive. Mapping out the safest and most efficient routes is challenging when dealing with unpredictable weather, growing congestion, and failing infrastructure impacting road conditions. Being able to pinpoint assets en route at any time or place accurately as well as having the visibility to ensure cargo and driver safety is critical.

  • Only 35% of trailers on the road have a GPS tracking device
  • Trailers are frequently lost or stolen. It's difficult finding the right trailer for a job or tracking maintenance and trailer inspection
  • Trailer insight into utilization including unauthorized stops and monitoring temperature are major challenges
  • Implement wireless vehicle and asset management and sensor monitoring with IoT cloud-based technology that includes usage & mileage tracking, geo-fencing, temperature monitoring and detailed reporting
  • Use a cloud-based IoT technology product that includes flexible, intuitive user dashboards, real-time map displays with street view options, automated reporting engine, along-route geo-fencing, and real-time alerts