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Remote health and wellness monitoring are transforming healthcare through the power of mobile cloud computing and the Internet of Things. By leveraging the medical data collected from medical devices, sensors, implant devices, and wearables, a patient’s well-being can be monitored in real-time between the home, hospital, and beyond. This real-time monitoring advances treatment and outcomes that better improve patient health and lower readmission rates.

  • The healthcare industry is moving replacement surgery from high-cost inpatient care to less expensive ambulatory venues
  • One-third of adults live with more than one chronic condition
  • There is a surge in demand for self-care devices/solutions
  • Monitor the vitals of post-surgery patients in real-time
  • Encourage patients to be more active participants in managing their health and chronic conditions
  • Improve patient experience and care satisfaction
  • Telehealth represents the interactive, electronic exchange of information for the purpose of diagnosis, intervention, or ongoing care management between a patient and/or health care providers situated remotely