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Supply Chain

In a highly competitive retail market, integration of backend transactional systems with frontend systems is key for delivering reliability 24/7/365. Implementing smarter, defined supply chain processes to ensure high-quality data exists throughout the complete intelligence lifecycle (from information to action) can help reduce operational costs and improve insights for retailers.

  • Labor intensive compliance management is more difficult and costly than ever before
  • Cost of energy to maintain cold chain is a significant P/L item with few to no management tools in place
  • Increased risk of foodborne illness is a significant monetary and brand liability
  • Enhance your brand with improved food quality and consistent compliance
  • Ensure regulatory requirements by having sensors keep electronic data in the cloud for data retention and automated performance reporting
  • Provide a single source for intelligent asset monitoring and control
  • Establish Compliance-as-a-Service IoT Solution to gather and filter asset data in real time through a gateway, automatically reporting relevant information in a single cloud portal