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Business Challenges Drive Demand

Simplified Fulfillment Ease of shopper order fulfillment  
Real-time Inventory Accurate, real-time inventory management
Inventory Organization Lack of inventory organization adversely impacts customer service and sales revenue
Revenue Impacts Lack of inventory organization adversely impacts customer service and sales revenue
Solution Outcomes

benefitsImproved inventory management, lower inventory related labor cost and cycle counts.

benefitsFast location of products and misplaced items plus improved accuracy of perpetual inventory

benefitsShrinkage reduction, Plan-o-gram compliance, etc

Solution Track

To help partners align their IoT and Analytics capabalities with the appropriate solution path for success, Tech Data uses the following guide:

=solution track for this solution

starterStarter  As a solution provider, you have a fundamental knowledge of technologies but little to no IoT and Analytics practice

starterTransformer As a solution provider, you have an Analytics and IoT practice and are looking to scale and accelerate this segment of your business

acceleratorAccelerator As a solution provider, you have repeatable Analytics and IoT solutions and looking for ways to refine your business model to capture more mind share

Solution Resources

For a complete guide to the retail solutions in our Analytics and IoT Solution Catalog
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Real Time Inventory Management

An RFID-based system provides real-time, in-store inventory analytics including store selling floor, displays, backroom storage, receiving/warehouse, etc. Solution supplies approximate location of each tagged item using small overhead antennas connected to RFID multiplexers, which are in turn connected to RFID readers.  

Wired, RFID
Solution Track
Inventory, management, RFID, wi-fi, inventory management,shrinkage reduction, compliance,omni channel, retail
Solution Inquiry

Solution Rating


Technical Expertise
As a technical skills prerequisite, this rating is based on the level of integration required for implementation as well as the level of customization and configuration specific to the IoT and Analytics technology deployment.

Industry Acumen
For industry acumen, our solution consultants identify solutions that are more suited for particular segments and/or niche markets versus solutions that are more versatile and can be applied across multiple industries. This rating helps solution providers identify their options for expanding their market share, by honing their industry expertise or creating parallel sales across multiple industries.

Market Size
Market size indicates the relevant number of end-client targets for the particular solution. A niche market has a low rating but this only reflects the number of targets, not the potential revenue stream of market. A high rating indicates a larger market pool.

Cloud Consumption
Some solutions and use cases trigger more cloud consumption than other solutions. The level of data loads, storage needs, and network configurations affect cloud consumption.

Disruption Level
This rating is to provide a sense of expectation for solution deployment. Some solutions may require training and process adoption where other solutions effective “out of the box” on day one.