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Public Safety & Surveillance

The inability to integrate data in the public sector prevents the state, local, and educational organizations from capturing the analytics necessary to have an impact on situational awareness, response time, and security.

  • With nearly 300 million vehicles on the road, License Plate Recognition is becoming a required tool in crime prevention
  • Public security and situational awareness is a growing need with the ability to prioritize high crime areas
  • Traditional video surveillance is insufficient and faces many problems, such as low image definition, difficult video locating, and easy information leakage
  • Implement a turnkey LPR solution with connectivity to the Department of Justice (DOJ) that allows for flexible network camera and video management software options
  • Reduce crime, improve the perception within the community, and help reduce the city’s total cost of operation
  • Detect and analyze abnormal behaviors of monitored objects, such as invasion and loitering
  • Enable intelligent applications to run outdoors on portable, self-powered platforms to gather, analyze, and relay intelligent insights
  • Use a network of Universal IoT Gateways (UIG) with License Plate Recognition cameras to control and protect main intersections and freeway access. The UIG® directly communicates with the DOJ and every license plate is compared in real-time against a Government hosted database, detecting stolen, and wanted vehicles as well as AMBER alerts
  • Benefit from the integration of IoT/smart sensors, analytics, and cloud is sensing behaviors that threaten public safety in real time, record the entire process of an incident, and generate alarms promptly