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Personalization & Localization

Shoppers are coming to expect a seamless and immersive experience tailored to their personal needs. Integration of disparate data from customer loyalty programs, third-party data sources, and purchasing behavior, in conjunction with master data management solutions, enables “one source of truth” that strengthens a retailer’s insights. Providing full transparency to the retailer on the backend with the shopping experience on the front end creates a seamless, personalized transaction for the customer.

  • Personalizing a customer’s experience is highly competitive. Retailers need to try and tailor their offerings to fit their customers’ needs best
  • Staying one step ahead of fluctuating trends is difficult but being able to provide the appropriate product or offer at the right location during the time of need is crucial in retail
  • Customers increasingly demand a shopping experience that extends to out of the store to their mobile devices
  • Utilize the ability to build robust profiles of shoppers, including interests, demographics, and buying patterns
  • Target promotions of interest and engage with customers in real time while shopping
  • Localize product assortment to increase relevance and boost revenue
  • Provide feature-rich mobile app solutions for real-time wayfinding and location services on the move
  • Leverage Wi-Fi, beacons, and/or GPS, so customers and retailers can easily locate inventory in stock
  • Personalize promotions and marketing to be relevant to the customer's interests location and experience