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Patient Experience

Health organizations are more responsive to solutions that can effectively improve patient experience and satisfaction. Healthcare providers are motivated to invest in solutions that help elevate a patient’s journey while also optimizing operational and staff efficiency including, lowering costs. Misplaced medical equipment and location challenges are detrimental to providing suitable as well as timely care. Empowering patients, staff, and health facilities with smarter solutions ultimately improve a patient’s experience.

  • Poor wayfinding solutions and lost patients can cost a hospital thousands of dollars annually
  • Traditional methods of indoor navigation in hospitals rely on a static map and few solutions are offering real-time or turn-by-turn directions
  • Medical equipment is constantly being moved from room to room
  • Implement new technological solutions so patients, guests and visitors can access seamlessly indoor and outdoor directions in real-time
  • Reduce patient wait times and minimize appointment cancellation
  • Provide feature-rich mobile app solutions for real-time wayfinding and location services on the move
  • Leverage Wi-Fi, beacons, and/or GPS so healthcare providers and facilities can easily locate medical assets quickly