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Omnichannel Operations

Providing an omnichannel experience is a strategic imperative for collecting valuable data across multiple devices and entry points such as online, in store, or mobile phones. Retailers who can integrate data collected by IoT enabled end-points with traditional business applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), forecasting/planning, and inventory can optimize their operations for providing an integrated customer.

  • Retailers do not know what is in stock at all times as inventory may be manually misplaced. Locating stock items is time-consuming and negatively impacts a retailers’stock reliability
  • IT challenges, such as disparate systems and lack of transparency affect sales and customer experiences
  • Multiple retail locations have high logistics maintenance costs
  • Leverage Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to improve pricing accuracy, inventory management, and consumer marketing
  • Improve efficiency and loss prevention with smarter inventory management and connected logistics
  • Ensure customers find items that are expected to be in stock in order to help boost customer loyalty for that store
  • Reduce “out of shelf” incidents, environmental conditions, and sales data to help influence strategic marketing and sales campaigns for each location with RFID real-time inventory management
  • Discover, pinpoint, and isolate the operational and informational threat or gap before it impacts business and a brand’s reputation with data visualization and management solutions