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Marketing & Merchandising

Data visualization and data mining solutions for retail help uncover current buying habits that can be used for predictive modeling. For example, analyzing in-store foot traffic, as well as online traffic, plus dwell times, helps retailers with physical/digital location and marketing strategies. When properly implemented, marketing and merchandising provides a satisfying engagement and can even be a source of revenue for retailers to charge their suppliers prime advertising space during peak traffic times to feature their products.

  • Today‚Äôs customers are more comfortable and willing to engage with electronic forms of advertisement and self-service
  • Customers demand a shopping experience that extends to their mobile devices wherever and whenever
  • Advertisements need to provide relevant content, promotions, and value in real time while the shopper is in the store or on the go
  • Influence sales in real-time and encourage repeat sales
  • Improve customer experience with customized product recommendations
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty with effective incentives
  • Provide guests with Wi-Fi giving retailers a critical tool for influencing sales in real-time, via social networks, mobile applications, and in-store digital signage
  • Utilize intelligent digital signage that can be intuitive and placed in strategic locations to fill in for qualified and expensive personnel