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Manufacturing Operations

Unforeseen manufacturing equipment failure, high maintenance costs, and a lack of data integration due to disparate systems are all detrimental to operational efficiency. Analytics and IoT solutions that offer centralized monitoring, predictive maintenance, and connected logistics help combat these challenges. Analytics and IoT solutions leverage the power of data along with process automation to help advance the manufacturing industry into the next generation.

  • Environments where physical safety is paramount lack full visibility into production and operational risks
  • Bridging the gap between operational and informational technologies requires new skill sets and IT capabilities
  • Deficient transparency of data integration and asset tracking increases overhead costs
  • Disparate connectivity and multiple endpoints are vulnerable to security breaches
  • 85% of equipment fails in spite of regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Attain easier adoption of data-centric business models that allow for transparency across the business
  • Enable expansive security to reduce vulnerabilities among connected products and assets
  • Unify and integrate disparate systems and assets for better management
  • Provide sensor-based monitoring of inventory levels and inter-plant communication for real-time asset utilization and analytics
  • Digitize manufacturing operations with IoT middleware to allow business model collaboration and open source innovation processes
  • Connect machines to a secure network to enable new and advanced manufacturing models in factories
manufacturing operations