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Choosing the best solution can be complex
Let your Solution Aggregator with pre-defined, reusable solutions make it easy

Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator

Intel is simplifying IoT for system integrators and accelerating time to value for their customers. Intel® IoT Solution Aggregators deliver one-stop availability for IoT solution stacks, selected Intel® Market Ready Solutions, and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits. When scaled through system integrator channels, this approach streamlines end-user deployments across verticals.

Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions

The Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions program is designed to help members of Intel’s broad ecosystem of partners strengthen their delivery of IoT solutions through unique support and scaling opportunities. These solutions give customers scalable, repeatable, end-to-end solutions made up of sensors, edge hardware, software, cloud, and analytics from across the IoT ecosystem. Through the Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions program, Intel has vetted these solutions for delivering real business transformation—such as streamlining operations, automating manual tasks, mitigating risk, providing insights from actionable data, and reducing costs.

intel solution aggregator
Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits

Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits are focused technology offerings that solve a class of market problems, have been deployed and tested in the field, and provide bundled hardware, software, and support. The technology is scalable and designed to grow with customer requirements, enabling accelerated development and time to market.