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Compliance Requirements

HIPAA policy, including the threat of data breaches, may always be at the forefront of compliance concerns for the healthcare industry. However, there is an increasing number of technological advancements playing a role in disrupting health care delivery and access that garner attention too. Often, solutions stem from the need to meet compliance. The analytics and IoT solutions in our Solution Catalog are no exception.

  • Managing temperatures in the hospital laboratory setting is a process that requires forethought and vigilance
  • Regulatory agencies are highly likely to inspect all laboratory refrigeration devices
  • Temperature is one of the most universally impactful parameters in the laboratory and it can significantly influence: Test results, shelf life efficacy, accuracy and precision and effectiveness and stability
  • Implement sensor-based technology that keeps a constant check on the temperature, door status, pressure, and even refrigerant leaks in real time– anytime, anywhere
  • Smarter IoT Sensors, Gateways, Analytics, etc. record and track environmental and temperature data remotely, eliminating the need for manual reporting. This creates an effective means to monitor environmental conditions as well as track the location of critical assets, saving healthcare facilities time and money
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