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Energy Monitoring & Management

Reducing carbon footprint is at the forefront of green initiatives. An effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to monitor and manage energy consumption. Leveraging analytics and IoT solutions is imperative for becoming smarter about our energy consumption but more importantly, in helping to preserve the future state of the world.

  • Green initiatives are putting an increasing amount of pressure on real estate owners to reduce energy consumption
  • Many organizations operate in “always on” mode with equipment that can only be intermittently turned off
  • Managing multiple power stations is a concern for plant stakeholders
  • Power plant owners and grid companies have concerns about how to ensure the accuracy and long-term storage of the data acquired from the photovoltaic generators
  • Improve the efficiency of power generation and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance
  • Gain visibility of where power is being consumed
  • Create new green initiatives and comply with environmental regulations
  • Unify the monitoring and control systems of multiple power stations with a centralized operation and unmanned remote sites
  • Implement a scalable architecture to work in plants of any size to analyze and optimize power station efficiency
  • Leverage granular sensor array deployment to support data integration with other building monitoring functions
  • Implement a distributed solar power station management system that can integrate inverters and equipment from different manufacturers, categories, and types
  • Adopt an acquisition gateway which supports multi-protocols and multi-network communication to aggregate power station data