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Education Services

As far as generations are concerned, Millennials (born 1981-1996) are considered tech savvy, while the generation following, Gen Z (born 1997-present), are considered to be tech native. Being tech native means being born in the era of smartphones where using multiple digital devices is the “norm.” This generational characteristic is prodding federal, state, local, and especially educational organizations to take a hard look at digital solutions that are interactive and integrated for real-time collaboration on-site or remotely.

  • Elements of K-12 and higher education such as campus life, security, and transportation are unable to capture real-time insights on a student, teacher, and administrator safety
  • Student interaction and engagement is lacking, resulting in lower interaction enthusiasm in learning
  • Teachers struggle to organize/structure curriculum for school year completion
  • Online students have access issues
  • Increase classroom interaction and student productivity
  • Improve online class experience with accessible data
  • Adopt curriculum management solutions that allow for digital lesson plan implementation, retrieval, and tracking
  • Digitize educational lessons via an interactive flat panel display and collaboration software to provide viewboard session content in real time for multiple users on-site or remote