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Connected Transit

Improving safety and efficiency as citizens travel through cities is a growing smart city initiative. However, it encompasses more than just putting autonomous vehicles on the road or providing Wi-Fi in mass transits. Analytics and IoT help enable automated vehicle maintenance and vehicle route optimization. Connecting the dots among vehicle data, traffic intersections, road conditions, parking options, and weather conditions not only makes a city smarter, but also safer for its citizens.

  • Every car driver wastes on average about 100 hours a year looking for a parking space, which accounts for one-third of city center traffic
  • The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly outpacing the supply of available parking spots and contributing to significant traffic congestion
  • City’s are working with dated infrastructure and systems that are not equipped to support a secure, reliable and fast end-to-end transit for today’s population
  • Ensure that traffic stops when emergency responders are deployed during an emergency
  • Reduce traffic congestion and build a more effective partnership between cities, citizens, local businesses, and parking-enforcement agencies
  • Obtain real-time alerts, and traffic and road conditions impacting travel
  • Receive alerts of potential transit risks before they become disruptive
  • Utilize Wi-Fi, video cameras, video analytics, and sensor-enabled parking management
  • Engage with Video Analytics to obtain key insights and create real-time alerts that can provide cities with operational and business intelligence, smarter transportation, traffic and parking management, and more effective public safety and security