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Multi-Clinic Consolidation

Collaboration across hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices can be mission critical. Being able to interconnect all of those branches as well as the systems within so that they can easily exchange data and communicate throughout their organizations helps ensure a seamless customer experience.

  • Ambulatory (outpatient) care is rapidly expanding and large providers are acquiring clinics at a rapid pace
  • On-boarding a new physician group can take between 6 to 8 months
  • Hospitals have, on average, more than 100 systems that must communicate with one another
  • Healthcare organizations are spending too much time managing data administration instead of patient care
  • Connect care teams and patients securely across multiple facilities
  • Integrate EHR/EMR data without rip-and-replace costs
  • Secure data and systems across the threat continuum
  • Improve patient experience and care satisfaction
  • Enable seamless data exchange regardless of the technology used
  • A repeatable solution that connects care teams and patients across multiple facilities, improving efficiency, lowering operating costs, and keeping clinical data secure
  • Interoperability involves more than just information exchange. To be fully effective, it must also encompass data processing and interpretation, with the goal of delivering actionable information to the end user