SmartForce Solutions

Introducing SmartForce ‘One’ MIIMETIQ EDGE solution partnering with DELL, NEXIONA EDGE Gateway 5000s enabled by NEXIONA MIIMETIQ LITE (available in Nov’16)


  • Simplifies the connection to your physical devices, making it easy to securely ingest and exploit sensor data
  • Supports tons of M2M/IoT protocol and data formats and M2M Technologies
  • Data is stored on-premise or in the cloud, fully supports Microsoft Azure or IBM BlueMix cloud services


  • Accelerates the creation of powerful IoT apps that can manage sensors from different vendors across different industry verticals.
  • Modular and flexible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Uses REST and AMQP APIs for device-data exchange
  • Multi Tenancy for ease of deployment and management


  • Enterprise level security with Policy Enforcement Points between each data exchange service
  • Straightforward creation of device-condition based rules and actions
  • Enable alert notifications based on triggered events
  • Devices can be remotely controlled in response to alerts

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